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Cromwell DTC Selects Slate of Candidates for 2021 Municipal Election

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Dems Tap Goldsby for Mayor

CROMWELL - Aigne Goldsby will tell you she’s always had a propensity for taking on leadership roles" she just can’t quite pinpoint where she gets it from.

“Even elementary school I was always the first person raising their hand,” says Goldsby, a Cromwell resident and attorney who served as President of the George W. Crawford Black Bar Association. “I guess it kind of came naturally to me.”

So when Goldsby, who chairs Cromwell’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion subcommittee, saw that the local Democratic Town Committee (CDTC) was looking for a candidate to run for Mayor, naturally she raised her hand.

“In general, I liked to get involved where I feel like I can contribute,” Goldsby says. “I’m someone that’s passionate about change, and I felt like there was so much we could accomplish.”

Evidently the CDTC agreed " during a July 26 Town Committee special meeting, they voted unanimously to nominate her for the top of their municipal elections ticket. This fall, Goldsby, a UCONN Law School product, will faceoff against GOP nominee Allan Spotts.

“This campaign season is about making sure residents are involved in the process, and that their voices are being heard,” Goldsby says.

Goldsby says she learned, firsthand, how critical that was while trying to find hers �" she says she faced racial discrimination while growing up and attending school in Redding, Pennsylvania, and that those experiences were formative.

“I didn’t feel like my voice was heard,” she says. “I definitely felt like an outsider.”

Now Goldsby, founder and owner of Goldsby Law, PLLC, serves as both an equity and inclusion consultant within her industry " as well as a mentor for prelaw students navigating the law school admissions process, LSAT prep, job interviews, and networking.

“I just like to be a resource for people,” Goldsby says. “I’ve been there myself, so I know how difficult it is.”

Last year, she was tapped to chair the Town’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion subcommittee " Cromwell’s bipartisan response to student-led marches held in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis.

“I want everyone in town to feel comfortable " like they belong,” she says. “That’s how we’re going to build a more inclusive society as a whole.”

The subcommittee, which is in the process of engaging Cromwell community members in discussions on related topics, plans to eventually make policy recommendations to the Town Council.

The glue? Goldsby thinks that conversations " even tough ones - across different backgrounds and political affiliations will be key to improving local government for all town residents.

“We can’t operate in silos if we want to get things done,” Goldsby says. “We’re all one.”

What candidates on both sides are hoping to get done is keep spending in check and taxes low " while continuing to invest in assets such as education.

“To me, education should be at the top of our priority list " it’s fundamental to getting where we want to be as a community,” she says.

Striking the balance will mean driving commercial growth " a task she says her experience in business law lends itself to.

“It’s all about a sound strategy and then getting the right pieces in place to grow and develop,” Goldsby says.

Goldsby and CDTC Chair Scott Lamberson think that they have the pieces in place to prevail this coming November.

Goldsby will run alongside incumbent Town Councilors James Demetriades and Al Waters this fall.

Demetriades, a Cromwell High School alum, heads the Cromwell Creative District (CCD), in addition to his work with the LGBTQ committee. He’s also served on Town Planning and Zoning.

Waters, who boasts over 20 years in public service, is commodore of the Cromwell Outboard Association.

Joining them on the Council slate are newcomers Charlie Epstein and Paula Luna.

Epstein, a 35-year resident, has served as DTC Chair, as well as on Planning and Zoning. He’s currently a member of the Cromwell Fire Commission.

Luna, a retired legal assistant, has served on the Senior Commission and as a secretary for the Parks and Recreation Commission.

For Board of Education (BOE), the CDTC nominated Shannon Hughes, Kelly Cloutier, John Flanders and Greg Carter.

The party’s Board of Finance (BOF) endorsees are Ann Hulick and Matt Brown.

Ann Grasso was nominated for Planning and Zoning, while Jacee Long will be running for Zoning Board of Appeals alongside James Neeland.

“I want to say thank you for all the folks stepping up to run,” Lamberson said at the CDTC meeting. “I’m thankful for all your passion in wanting to make our town a community we all want to live in.”

Story by MARK DIPAOLA, published in the Rare Reminder, Aug. 6th 2021

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