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We are a dedicated and diverse group of Cromwell residents who care deeply about our community and are working to move Cromwell forward, to the best town it can be. We believe experience, wisdom and mature relationships with the private and public interests in our town are essential to creating a more prosperous Cromwell.


Cromwell’s seniors have given so much to our town, our state, and our nation. They deserve not only our respect and appreciation, but tangible benefits such as quality programming and access to transportation (including safe, walkable streets). We support funding local senior services, ensuring affordable housing opportunities for seniors, and developing a community center that supports activities and events for all our town residents, including seniors.


We believe all students deserve a free, quality education to prepare them for their future. This requires investing in every level of our educational system, from early learning through high school. Our community must close the achievement gap and provide equitable educational opportunities for all students, inclusive of ethnicity, family income, race, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or gender identity. Together, we must support students’ physical and emotional wellbeing, be innovative in addressing learning loss due to COVID-19, and ensure that students with special needs have appropriate educational supports and opportunities. Cromwell Democrats will continue fighting for public education (including sports and arts), and fighting against balancing budgets on the backs of our students.



The small business community is the backbone of Cromwell’s economy. When families and small businesses thrive, Cromwell thrives. Cromwell Democrats are dedicated to cultivating a safe community with a robust local economy that is both fair and sustainable.



Cromwell is blessed with remarkable natural resources, including our beautiful riverfront, waterways, and open land. Together, we must protect our natural resources now and for future generations. We will continue to push for sustainable development of the Riverfront that respects the health and beauty of our natural environment. Because climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events, we support using federal American Rescue Plan funds to implement flood mitigation infrastructure to protect our community. We support investment in green energy in Cromwell, including electric charging stations, the transition to electric town vehicles, and continued installation of solar panels on town buildings.

Accountable, Inclusive Government


Democracy dies in the dark. We support the continued use of public forums and online forums to share accurate, timely information regarding local government – and to ensure that each member of our community is able to make their voice heard. We support efforts such as those of Cromwell’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to make our community even more welcoming to all.

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