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We are a dedicated and diverse group of Cromwell residents who care deeply about our community and are working to move Cromwell forward, to the best town it can be. We believe experience, wisdom and mature relationships with the private and public interests in our town are essential to creating a more prosperous Cromwell.
Economic Development & Prosperity
  • Create a balanced budget 

  • Advance 21st century goals and infrastructure

Accessibility & Transparency
  • Digitize Town Hall operations

  • Share more information about Cromwell meetings and events

  • Implement recommendations from climate study

High-Quality Education
  • Invest in lasting infrastructure

  • Fund Cromwell schools to support teachers, students and community

Support For Seniors
  • Support more quality programming

  • Expand senior center

  • Increase sidewalks

Cromwell's Riverfront
  • Preserve riverfront

  • Address flooding concerns

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